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Stories Behind Stances

Stories Behind Stances


In today's world, there are constant reminders of the things that divide people. Whether it’s political differences, religious beliefs, or cultural backgrounds, it's easy to feel as though people are living in a world that is increasingly polarized and unity is difficult to obtain. Chris Singleton’s first adult book, Stories Behind Stances, is a breath of fresh air from the divisiveness everyone so often feels.

In his mission to unite people of all different walks of life, Chris explores various ways in which we can learn to see beyond our differences and embrace our shared values, hopes, and aspirations. 


Through memorable and relatable stories and practical wisdom,  Chris has crafted a guide that is accessible, inspiring, and thought-provoking for all. He challenges every side to examine their own beliefs and biases, to listen to those with whom they disagree, and to find common ground where everyone can work together to build a better world. 


This book will not only create empathy for the “other side”, it will change the culture of work environments, communities and even home life for families that have been divided.

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